Current project

This year we are focusing on family and community life.  With our theme of “The Settler takes a Wife…” Stories of Family Life, our display will show the home and social life of the Red Cliffs community.  We would pleased to receive information, photographs and items relating to home life, schools, churches, women and children’s clubs, nursing and babies and social events.

This year:

In January we focused on holidays and leisure.  With school commencing, February had a school theme.  March, being harvest time, looked at the family’s involvement in the picking. As we are a soldier settlement, our April focus was on the involvement in and the affects of war on our community.  Mothers of Red Cliffs was our theme in May, while mealtime and feeding the family was covered in June.

We gave attention to the social scene with dances, balls and theatrical productions in July which was followed by our research into the corner stores and shopping in August.