We have a selection of local themed books available for sale at the museum.  Titles we have are:

Everyday Heroes – compiled by the Red Cliffs Secondary College Students. Second edition.

Proceeds to Jacaranda Village, Red Cliffs.

Book Everyday Heroes, RCSC students001

This very popular book we published in 2013 has been reprinted. It was written several years ago by Red Cliffs Secondary College history students who interviewed elderly Red Cliffs people about their past. It tells about life in early Red Cliffs and life during the depression. We thank teacher Dennis Matthews who invited us to be part of the process of publishing this work. It is illustrated with selected photographs from the Society’s collection. The first edition was launched by Ken Mackenzie Wright at a function at Jacaranda Village and was sold out within a couple of weeks. With the help of State Government funding we are reprinting ‘Everyday Heroes’. All proceeds from both editions go directly to Jacaranda Village.

Carwarp, Community, Politicians and the Wanderers:  A Social History of a Special Mallee Town by Colin Cleary.

Book Carwarp, Community, Politicians and the Wanderers, Cleary001

The Little People of the Kulkyne by E.B. Eggleton

Book The Little people of the Kulkyne, Eggleton 001

Steam North by E. B. Eggleton

Book Steam North, Eggleton 001

West of Sunset by E.B. Eggleton

Book West of Sunset, Eggleton 001

Build Me a Home by E.B. Eggleton

Book Build Me a Home, Eggleton 001



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