About Us

The Red Cliffs and District Historical Society was established in 1984 to fulfil the important role of preserving and recording the history of Red Cliffs & district. In 1994 the Society was granted permission to use the Court House as a permanent base and this now provides a home for a collection of historical items, photographs, newspaper articles, books, maps and memorabilia.

Open Days are conducted on the first Sunday of each month between 11am – 1pm. Admission is $2 for Adults – Children accompanied by an adult are free.

Private viewings at other times by prior arrangement only. Special arrangements will be made for schools and group visits.

Please contact us to make arrangements or to request more information.

The Red Cliffs & District Historical Society is a repository for the history of the following areas:
Red Cliffs Irrigation Settlement (This includes Red Cliffs East, Nursery Ridge, Cliffside, Sunnycliffs, Stewart and Cardross.)
Karadoc, Iraak, Nangiloc, Colignan, Thurla,Yatpool, Carwarp, Nowingi, Hattah.

Red Cliffs and District Historical Societies home is the Old Court House 24 - 28 Jamieson Ave Red Cliffs

We hope you enjoy learning about the history of Red Cliffs and it’s surrounding district. Don’t hesitate to leave comments and give us your 2 bob’s worth! Donations are most welcome, please contact us for details.


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Good Afternoon
    I am looking for photo of my father and uncle who played cricket for Stewart in the late 30’s. they were Henry (Harry) and George Bowen. I would love to find a photo of them.
    Many thanks
    Lesley (Bowen) Raeburn

  2. Hi Chris
    Any update on the photos of my father and his brotherHenry (harry) andGeorge Bowen at the Stewart cricket club?
    Lesley (Bowen) Raeburn

  3. Hello again Lesley,
    Our collection had storm damage in Nov. and we have needed to work on it. It’s now in better order, but there’s still work to be done.
    We have one photo taken in 1938-39 of the Stewart Progress Association- Red Cliffs – Premiers but I currently don’t have access to names of the players. There are other photos of cricket teams but would need to find details of who & when.
    Thank you for your patience.

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